You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works! We’ll help you discover the life of high adventure when you surrender all to Jesus. 
Service Time(s):
Sunday 9:30 (Sunday School)
Sunday 10:30 (Worship Service / In-Person & Through Facebook Live)
Sunday 6 pm (Middle School & High School Service / In-Person & Through Facebook Live Only)
Wednesday 5:45 pm (Meal  / Temporarily Canceled During Pandemic)
 Wednesday 7 pm (Adult Studies  / In-Person & Through Facebook Live




















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Articles of Faith

As part of The Convention of Original Free Will Baptist Churches, we subscribe to the following Articles of Faith:
Article 1. The Doctrine of God

We believe that there is but one living, true, & eternal God, the Father; of whom are all things, from everlasting to everlasting, glorious & unchangeable in all His attributes. We believe that God is the only proper object of worship. The mode of His existence, however, is a subject far beyond the understanding of mankind. There is nothing in all creation that can adequately represent Him. He is the source of all existence, & the Scriptures teach that He is Spirit, present everywhere, all-knowing, all-powerful, independent, good, wise, holy, just, merciful, Redeemer, Saviour, Sanctifier, the Judge of mankind & all other attributes ascribed to Him in the Scripture
Article 2. The Doctrine of Christ
We believe that there is one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, the only begotten Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, who was fully God & fully man, whom God freely sent into this world, because of the great love wherewith He loved the world; & Christ as freely gave Himself a ransom for all, tasting death for every man; who was buried & rose again the third day, & ascended into Heaven from whence we look for Him the second time, in the clouds of Heaven, at the last day to judge both the living and the dead.
We believe that the Scriptures ascribe to Christ all the attributes of God.
Article 3. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
We believe that there is one Holy Spirit, the precious gift of the Father through His dear Son, who is the divine presence in our lives, who regenerates & sanctifies us, & whereby we are kept in perpetual remembrance of the truth of Christ, & in whom we find our strength & help. We believe that the Scriptures ascribe to the Holy Spirit all the attributes of God
Article 4. The Doctrine of the Trinity
We believe that God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit are one God, without beginning or end, who is indivisible in His nature or being.
Article 5. The Doctrine Creation & Divine Government
We believe that in the beginning, God created the heavens & the earth, & all things therein, visible & invisible; & that God is continually working through His creation to sustain it & to nurture His creatures.
We believe that all things are foreseen in the wisdom of God so that God knows whatsoever can or cannot come to pass upon all supposed conditions. All events are present with God from everlasting to everlasting, but His knowledge of them does not in any sense cause them, nor does He decree all events which He knows will occur.
Article 6. The Doctrine of Man
We believe that in the beginning God created man in His own image & placed him in a state of glory without the least mixture of misery, from which he voluntarily by transgression fell, & by that means, brought on himself a miserable & mortal state subject to death. Unbelief is the reason why men are condemned in the sight of the just & righteous God.
We believe that the human will is always active & may rebel or respond to the call of Christ in His redemptive offer, that through the grace of God mankind may be saved.
Article 7. The Doctrine of the Church
We believe that the Church is the body of Christ, this includes all Christians everywhere.
We believe that the local church is an organized body of believers in Christ who statedly assemble to worship God & who sustain the ordinances of the Gospel. The local church does not exist in isolation; rather, those churches who believe & practice the Original Free Will Baptist faith & order join together to form a denominational church. Neither the local church nor the denominational church exists independent of the other.
Article 8. The Doctrine of the Holy Scriptures
We believe these are the Old & the New Testaments, that they were written by holy men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, & are God’s revealed word to man. We believe that they are a sufficient and infallibly true rule & guide to salvation & all Christian worship & service.
Article 9. The Doctrine of Salvation
We believe that salvation is the restoration of man to his right relationship with God.
General Provision: We believe in the doctrine of General Provision made of God in Christ, for the benefit of all mankind who repents & believes the Gospel.
We believe that God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance & the knowledge of the truth, that they might be saved; for which end Christ hath commanded the Gospel to be preached among all nations & to every creature.
We believe that sinners are drawn to God the Father by the Holy Spirit through Christ His Son, & that the Holy Spirit offers His divine aid to all the human family so that they all might be saved, if they accept His divine teaching; & if any fail of eternal life, the fault is completely his own.
Faith: We believe that faith is the response of an individual in total trust & commitment to God’s provision in Christ. The power to believe is the gift of God, but believing is an act of the individual which is required as a condition of salvation. “Faith if it hath not works is dead, being alone.”
Repentance: We believe that the repentance which the Gospel requires includes a deep conviction, a penitential sorrow, an open confession, a decided hatred & an entire forsaking of all sin. This repentance God has enjoined on all men, & without it, in this life, the sinner will perish eternally.
Regeneration: We believe that regeneration is an instantaneous renewal of the heart by the Holy Spirit, whereby the penitent sinner receives new life & becomes a child of God. (This is called in Scripture being “born again,” “born of the Spirit,” being “quickened,” passing “from death unto life,” & “partaking of the divine nature”).
Justification: We believe that justification means that persons who accept by faith the atonement of Christ are pardoned & absolved from the guilt of sin & restored to divine favor where once they stood guilty before God.
Sanctification: We believe that sanctification is the setting apart of the believer for continuing growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, for service to God & man.
Article 10. The Doctrine of the Perseverance of Faith
We believe that those who abide in Christ have the assurance of salvation. The Christian, however, retains his freedom of choice. Therefore, he should watch & pray since it is possible for him to turn away from God and be eternally lost, which is called making a shipwreck of faith.
Article 11. The Doctrine of Individual Responsibility
We believe that all persons are accountable to God, except those incapable of responding to God’s call.
 Article 12. The Doctrine of Christian Service
We believe that it is the Christian’s duty to be tender & affectionate one to another, to study the happiness of the people of God in general, to do justly by all people, & to be singly engaged to promote the honor & glory of God.
Article 13. The Doctrine of the Lord’s Day
We believe in the sanctity of the first day of the week or Lord’s day, & that it ought to be observed in the corporate & private worship of God, & that on it we should abstain from our worldly concerns except in cases of necessity or mercy.
Article 14. The Doctrine of Worship
We believe that worship is the adoration of God and is duly required of all His children through praise, prayer, & the reading & preaching of His Word. Every Christian may worship God privately; however, this should never replace the corporate worship of the church.
We believe that in addition to the ordinances of the Gospel, there are other rites of worship which are valid for use by the local church. Some of these rites are: laying on of hands, anointing the sick with oil, fasting, singing praise to God, corporate affirmation of faith, & corporate prayer.
Article 15. The Doctrine of Christian Stewardship
We believe that good works are the fruits of saving faith & include being good stewards of all God’s blessings. Christians are to be responsible for the use of their time & talents. Furthermore, Christians are required to be faithful in the use of their finances for the expense of the program of Christ in the world.
The Old & New Testaments teach tithing as God’s financial plan for the support of His work.
Article 16. The Doctrine of the Ordinances of the Gospel
Christian Baptism: We believe that this is the immersion of believers in water, in the name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit, in which are represented the burial & resurrection of Christ, the death of Christians to the world, the washing of their souls from the pollution of sin, their rising to newness of life, their commitment to serve God, & their resurrection at the last day.
The Lord’s Supper: We believe that this is a commemoration of the death of Christ for our sins, in the use of bread which He made the emblem of His broken body, & the cup, the emblem of His shed blood; & by it the believer expresses his love for Christ, his faith & hope in Him, & pledges to Him perpetual fidelity.
Washing the Saints’ Feet: We believe that this is a sacred ordinance, which teaches humility, the necessity of the servanthood of every believer, & reminds the believer of the necessity of a daily cleansing from all sin. It was instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ as an “example” on the night of His Last Supper & betrayal.
It is the duty & happy prerogative of every believer to observe these sacred ordinances. We believe that no man has a right to forbid these tokens to the least of His disciples.
Article 17. The Doctrine of Death
We believe that Adam, while in the Garden of Eden in a state of innocence & in the image of God, was commanded by God not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, & if he did he would surely die. As a result, Adam was liable or subject to death, but not under the result or penalty of it. However, when he disobeyed & rebelled against the command of God, he passed under the result & penalty of death; & as Adam represented all the human race, death passed upon all men.
We believe that there is much mystery associated with the act or fact of dying; therefore, no living person can completely understand it. However, the Bible assures that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, changed death from the destroying scourge to the doorway to heaven to all who exercise saving faith in Him.
Article 18. The Doctrine of Immortality
We believe that the soul does not die with the body, but immediately after death enters into a conscious state of happiness or misery, according to the individual’s relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Article 19. The Doctrine of the Resurrection
We believe in the resurrection of the bodies of all people, each in its own order; the Christian to eternal life & the non-Christian to eternal damnation.
Article 20. The Doctrine of the Last Things
We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven, & sits at the right hand of God the Father. He will come again to glorify His saints, to judge the world, & to consummate His Eternal Kingdom.
Article 21. The Doctrine of the Angels
We believe that angels are created spiritual beings (& are not spirits of the dead, nor are they glorified human beings). Angels are ministering spirits & messengers of God. Angels convey the instructions of God to men, announce special events; protect the faithful, both individually & collectively, & execute punishment on the adversaries of the work of God.
Article 22. The Doctrine of Satan
We believe that Satan is a created spirit being. Names applied to Satan in the Bible are: Lucifer, Belial, Beelzebub, the Devil, the Evil one, the Accuser, the Enemy, the Tempter, the Prince of Demons, the Prince of the Power of the Air & the Ruler of this world.
In the New Testament Satan appears as a distinctive personality. He incites people to shut their ears to God’s message. He maliciously hinders Christian endeavors & is essentially a power of darkness, the enemy of the Light and of God, though he sometimes disguises himself as an angel of light.
Though Satan is all of the above, man is a free moral agent and is responsible for his own sins & is responsible for his acceptance or rejection of Christ, who gives victory over all evil.

How Do I Meet People & Get Involved at DCC?

Our church is not a place for spectators; it is a place for team members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman or business woman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, & grow at this church.
Sewing Beelievers
The Sewing Beelivers is a ministry of DCC. They make blankets & other items to give away. Some of the places they’ve given items away to is local Rest Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, to people within our church & beyond.
Anybody & everbody is invited to be a part of this ministry. Even if you can’t sow there’s something for you to do!
This ministry meets every Tuesday from 1-4 pm at DCC.
Sunday School Classes
Most often, small groups of people are better able to interact & learn about a topic than larger groups are. For that reason, our church has small Bible studies held at our facility. The size of the group is anywhere from 6 to 25 people. The classes utilize different types of curriculum. The Crossroads class uses the Gospel Project Curriculum. The other sunday school classes, the Adult I, the Hattie Everton class & the Bertha Smith/Men’s class uses Free Will Baptist material. Our clases are not necessarily divided by age group, the ages are diverse. What class you attend is up to you,  is all based on preference.
Youth Ministry
Each Sunday morning, children get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way where every child gets to participate & learn. Each of the class teachers are carefully screened & trained so that your child gets the best possible atmosphere.
Check out the Minsitries tab for more information!
Young Adults (College & Career)
Life can get complicated once you cross that nebulous threshold into adulthood. There are complicated decisions, bigger stakes, serious relationships & a whole lot more! The young adult group of our church provides a welcoming atmosphere for college & early-career aged young people. This group meets once a month at someone’s house.
Women 4 Christ
The Women 4 Christ meet at 6:30 pm on the 1st Monday of every month. The purpose of this group is for women to work together in Christian service. They use their God-given abilities in a united effort to advance the cause of Christ.
Come out & be a part of this exciting group!
Men’s Accountability Group Gathering (MAGG)
Accountability among men is an act of integrity. Accountability is designed to protect, encourage, & develop men of all ages. Accountability groups consist of three to eight men each. Accountability groups meet together once a month & keep in touch by email or phone during other times.
Men’s Fellowship Group
The Men’s Fellowship Group meets every third Tuesday of the month at DCC. Consider coming out to be a part of this group for a great time of fellowship & some great food!
Wednesday Morning Bible Study
 Pastor Bill leads this class every Wednesday at 10:30.
Everyone is welcomed to be a part of this group!
The Golden Age Club
This group meets at 12 pm every 3rd Monday of the month at DCC. Anyone 55 & older can be a part of this group. This group gets together to fellowship, have lunch & go on some fun trips.
Come be a part of this group!
Because of Christ & through Christ; love is our ultimate pursuit.

This is the webpage for “Cohort at DCC,” the Daniel’s Chapel FWB youth group. Here you can find out more about who we are, what we believe & you can also access all of our prayer & study resources. 
About Us

Our Purpose: To be a church that strives to be multicultural, multigenerational & to be a source of healing & reconciliation that meets the needs of others, where they are, with the glory of God & His message.

Our Mission: To pursue & portray in every moment & in every opportunity to genuinely love God with all our heart, our mind, our words & our actions & to love others as we want to be loved ourselves.
Our Vision: To be a church that is what God meant the Church to be when He created & commissioned it.

Our Motto: Because of Christ & through Christ; love is our ultimate pursuit.
Why the Name Cohort?

Cohort can be defined as a group of people banded together for a common cause. This captures our hope as a youth group.
Our Plan of Action

Our plan of action (POA) consists of three parts:
1. “I Do/We Do/ You Do” process of application: At DCC we strive for the “I do/We do/You do” process of learning & application. First, I must communicate an model biblical truth (I Do). Then we need to look for opportunities to apply what we have learned corporately (We Do). “We do,” refers to the individual ministering & working within the church, helping his brothers & sisters along their journeys & reinforcing their own faith. Lastly, the group of believers must strive wherever God may lead them to serve as Christ’s ambassadors & as a model for other believers to follow (You do).
2. Quality over quantity: At DCC will strive to “protect the calendar”. We want & mean to be intentional, deliberate & genuine in our interactions. We cannot do this if we are always busy. We choose & hope to provide quality or quantity.
3. Learn-act-experience, not learn-experience-act: The biblical process is not learn-experience-act; it is learn-act-experience. God’s blesses as we step out in obedience not before. He provides what we need in this situation or that situation when we choose to be obedient. We will never “feel” fully prepared for all that God has called us too. However, we are not supposed to do anything in our strength; we go in God’s strength & with the Holy Spirit as our Teacher & Comforter. For example, you may say, “I want to become bolder in my faith. When God makes me bolder I will share my faith.” That’s not how it works biblically, you want to be bold; then step out in faith & God will be there with you through the process (learn-act-experience, not learn-experience-act).
Worship Opportunities
Sunday School – 9:30am The Gospel Project. Pre-K-5th Grade • The Gospel Project. 6-12th Grade
Sunday Service – 10:30am Kids Praise/The Gospel Project. Pre-K-8th Grade
Sunday Night Service – 6pm Small Groups • 6-12th Grade
Wednesday Night Service – 7pm Cohort Gathering • 6-12th Grade/College & Career
Wednesday Night – 7pm Cohort Kids • Pre-K-5th Grade
College & Career Gathering – 2nd Saturday of the month at Josh’s House
What’s on My Bookshelf

Is God a Moral Monster?  by Paul Copan
None Like Him by Jen Wilken
Who Moved my Pulpit by Thom Rainer
Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 12 Ways to Keep Yours Alive by Thom Rainer
Not God Enough by J.D. Greear
In His Image by Jen Wilken
Jesus & the Disinherited by Howard Thurman
God’s Devil by Erwin W. Lutzer
Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart by J.D. Greear
Gospel in Life by Tim Keller
Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler
Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
King Me by Steve Farrar
Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller
More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell
The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler
Disciple by Dr. Allen Jackson
Giving & Tithing by Larry Burkett
You & Me Forever by Francis & Lisa Chan
12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke
Creature of the Word by Matt Chandler
The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns
The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel
Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis
The Scriptures Testify About Me by D.A. Carson
The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller
Is God anti-gay? by Sam Allberry
Risk is Right by John Piper
Surprise the World by Michael Frost
Take Heart by Matt Chandler
Staying is the new Going by Alan Briggs
A Praying Life by Paul E. Millere
Peacemaker by Ken Sande
Jesus Continued by J. D. Greear
Toxic Charity by Robert D. Lupton
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Habermas & Licona
Gospel by J.D. Greear
The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler
Counterfeit Gospels by Trevin Wax
Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay
Forgotten God by Francis Chan
Overcoming Overload by Steve & Mary Farrar
Your God is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan
The Insanity of Obedience by Nik Ripken
Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem
Walking with God through Pain & Suffering by Tim Keller
Follow Me by David Platt
Radical by David Platt
The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken
The Cross of Christ by John W. Stott
Conquer your Fear, Share Your Faith by Cameron & Comfort
What He Must Be…if He Wants to Marry my Daughter by Voodie Baucham Jr.
Grasping God’s Word by Duvall & Hays
Doctrine that Dances by Robert Smith Jr.
Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel
Wrestling Prayer by Eric Ludy
Life on Mission by Willis & Coe
Multiply by David Platt
Becoming a Contagious Christian by Hybel & Mittelberg
Know Why You Believe by Paul E. Little
How to Give Away Your Faith by Paul E. Little
Recommended Apps

Dwell – Bible listening app
\Life on Mission – discover how you can share the gospel with anyone using the Life Conversation
Blue Letter Bible – Bible search and study tools
Operation World – daily prayer app
Echo Prayer – reminder to pray and ask others to pray for you
GotQuestions – Bible Q&A
EverNote – note taking
PrayerMate – create lists and sort prayer requests into categories to pray for
Air 1 – Christian radio
 External Materials

 Summit Counseling – Biblical Counseling
Global Rich List – how rich an individual/family is when compared to the rest of the world
Radical – discipleship, Secret Church & digging deeper
RightNow Media – video study materials
Bible Gateway – multiple Bible versions for study/comparison & more
Blue Letter Bible – study tools for Greek & Hebrew
Desiring God Devotionals – receive emails/devotionals for digging deeper
E-Bible – receive emails/devotionals for digging deeper
Got Questions? – ask a question regarding faith or spiritual matters and get an answer
The Village Church (Matt Chandler)– inspiring biblical messages & resources to dig deeper
Summit Church (J.D. Greear) – inspiring biblical messages & resources to dig deeper
Decade Differences – check out differences between birth years
Birth Year Info – check out differences between birth years
Mission Field Training – missions training
IMB – International Mission Board
Dangerous Faith – A Study about the Book of Acts
Operation World – daily praying lists for people & countries
Give the Gift of Water – donate to provide clean, safe water where it is needed most
Spiritual Discipline Help – miscellaneous resources
Supporting Persecuted Christians – persecuted Christian letters
 The Gospel & its Influence in Ministry – The Gospel & How it Affects Ministries (Webinar Series)
Audio Books – Daniels Chapel account of free audio books for you to enjoy! (spiritual & leadership) (fill out the Contact Us form for login info)
DCCs RightNow Media Account – Over 18,000 video resources for free? (fill out the Contact Us form for login info)
Christian Counseling – A website for online counseling (all counselors are certified and Christians)
Project Connect– A website that addresses contemporary issues from a Christian Perspective
Discipleship – Online Discipleship
Recommended Videos
How do I know my child/student is in a safe/nurturing environment?
All our volunteers have had recent federal background checks & we have a tracking system in place to ensure that your child (nursery-3rd grade) is only picked up by their parent or other authorized individual.
Are you on social media?
Yes, we are! Instagram: cohortdccyouth – Facebook: Cohort at DCC Snapchat: cdccyouth
What curriculum do you use for Sunday School?
All students (3rd grade – 12th grade) use the Gospel Project Curriculum. This curriculum is gospel-centered & gospel-focused. It encourages your student to live missionally & intentionally while teaching 99 essential truths from the Bible. By using this curriculum your student goes through the whole Bible every 3 years, from Genesis to Revelation. In addition, the curriculum teaches your student how to know what they believe & how to defend what they believe.
What makes Cohort different from other local youth groups/student ministries?
I will not attempt to “one-up” or degrade other youth groups/student ministries. Cohort is not in competition with other Bible-believing, Bible-preaching youth groups; we are on the “same team”. There are several good youth groups in the local area. Instead, I will tell you who we want to be & what our focus is on as a church body. We want to experience real-faith, not fake or forced faith. We understand that we are imperfect & that we will make mistakes; we want to cultivate an environment/culture that is transparent, honest, welcoming & safe. We want to be challenged to grow spiritually, to love God with all our heart, mind, soul & strength & to love others as Christ loves us. We will look to serve each other & the local community in intentional, deliberate & genuine ways. We will pursue these things, learn, grow & trust God with the results.
If I have additional questions who can I talk too?
JOSH PRESKITT Assistant Pastor/ Youth Pastor (940) 613.7823 or

What Time are the Services?
Wednesday Morning Bible Study: 10:30 am
Wednesday Night Fellowhship Meal: 5:45 pm
Wednesday Night Services: 7 pm
Sunday School (Youth & Adult): 9:30 am
Worship Service (Sunday): 10:30 am
Sunday Evening Services: 6 pm
What Should I Wear?
Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Some of our members wear suits others wear jeans & a t-shirt. Come as you & be comfortable in whatever you decide to wear.
What Type of Worship Music do you Have in Your Services?
Mostly hymns, but we also sprinkle in some contemporary music from time-to-time. We are working on that “right balance” between enjoying the worship music of yesterday while also embracing the worship music of today. We want to be intentional & deliberate in all that we do for the effectiveness of the Gospel, the glory of God & the good of our people.
I Have Children, How Can I be Sure that my Children are in a Safe Environment?
Great question! Our nursery & youth volunteers have had background checks done on them (these will also be redone every two years to ensure we have up-to-date information), receive training & complete a volunteer application (middle school & above volunteers).
Additionally, we have recently integrated sign-in/checkout procedures for nursery-3rd grade students. Lastly, we are always looking for ways to improve & invest in our volunteers so that your students have the best possible experience.
What Kind of Counseling Services are Available?
Our pastor’s are able to do counseling, but in those situations when they or the individual believe “more” is needed we have a list of local Referral Agencies.
These referral agencies cover a myriad of services: Marriage Counseling, Financial, Mental Health Issues, Food Pantry’s, Addiction & Recovery, Job Placement & Work-Related, Grief, Pregnancy Related, Adoption, Abortion Alternatives, Divorce Recovery, Elder Care, etc.!
Check out the Ministry Referral Information here.
What Can I Find Your Statement of Beliefs/Faith?
These can be found under our About Us tab; click below for more information.
Where Can I Find/View Previous Services?
These are located on our Facebook page. CDs can also be made available if requested through the Administrative Assistant.
What Ministries are Available at DCC & How can I get Involved?
Check out our Get Involved tab; click below for more information.

How Does Someone Become a Christian?